Scott County Genealogical Society, Inc.
Georgetown, Kentucky

Established 1983

Scott County Cemeteries

In 1992, the Scott County Genealogical Society published its first book titled, "Gone, Forgotten, Now Remembered: Scott County, Kentucky Cemeteries." The book documented the final resting places of hundreds of people buried in over 300 rural church and family cemeteries in Scott County, Kentucky. Fully indexed with accompanying maps, the book was possible only through the efforts of numerous volunteers, including a die-hard group known as the Graveyard Grannies, who explored the county’s back roads and overgrown fields to locate long-forgotten graves. Although hardbound copies of this important archive are no longer for sale by the society, research copies are available in the Scott County Public Library. The Scott County Genealogical Society republished the book in electronic format in January 2013; to order an e-book copy, click here.

When the book was published two decades ago, the technology spectrum was much shorter than it is today. One of the most innovative advances in consumer electronics is the global positioning system (GPS). Although the technology was developed by the Defense Department in the 1970s, it didn't fall into everyday use until much later. It's a satellite-based technology that can pinpoint a precise location anywhere in the world. For family historians, GPS is an invaluable tool for locating cemeteries, family property, and migration routes.

Over the next few years the SCGS will update the information contained in our 1992 cemetery book to include the GPS locations of the cemeteries. With the help of our members and other allied organizations and individuals interested in preserving the history of Scott County (see list), future genealogists will be able to locate the graves of their ancestors. Researchers are also encouraged to visit Find A Grave, another excellent resource for locating burial information.

The four maps shown below contain the locations of the cemeteries identified in our original publication. Clicking on any of the maps will provide links to a downloadable version of the map, and a list of the cemeteries. GPS locations will be added to the list of cemeteries as they become available.

Map A
Map B
Map C
Map D